Pieter Bruegel the Elder 2.0
The Limbo Lottery 3D zoetrope (watch it here in action) is a modern allegory on the seven deadly sins. From Facebook’s Like thumbs, through sculls and AK 47s, to one-eyed penises in erection rubbing diamonds and $ signs… in true Dutch Master’s tradition, Hoogerbrugge shows us a mirror that reflects the weak side of humanity. 

A sniper in Pope Saint Gregory’s mind
In a classical version of zoetrope, you watch the animation come to life from a single standpoint. Hoogerbrugge’s contemporary take on zoetrope forces the viewer to take different point of views and approach each of the deadly sins from a different perspective.

3D printed OCD on repeat
No great Hoogerbrugge exists without a healthy portion of OCD. Limbo Lottery is certainly not disappointing us on that level! The amount of work that must have gone into painting and putting together all the individual components is pretty impressive – or should we say compulsive.

Now you spin me round
If you happen to have the balls to live with your sins, there’s no excuse not to purchase this spinning beauty!

hoogerbrugge-limbolottery 03hoogerbrugge-limbolottery 02hoogerbrugge-limbolottery 01hoogerbrugge-limbolottery