Starting with 2 superb shows that are closing soon: The Ulm Model, overview of HfG Ulm’s iconic 60s designs at Raven Row and the Animality group show at Marian Goodman. Both are in their last week, so don’t miss them. Speaking of animals, the Wellcome Collection has recently opened Making Nature, an exhibition about our relationship with animals and its consequences for both ourselves and our planet. >>

Whitechapel Gallery has 3 very diverse shows on display: you can choose between the drama of William Kentridge, the action and humor of Guerilla Girls and immersive atmosphere of Alicja Kwade.

The Design Museum, in its impressive new West London home, opened with a promise of a truly innovative and ambitious curatorial approach. Fear and Love: Reactions to the Complex World shows work of 11 design practices from all over the world, that challenge our conception of what design is and the issues it can address. Covering topics from urbanism, architecture, robotics and AI, anthropology, environment, nutrition, social and political changes or social media, it asks crucial and timely questions and offers angles that are critical, playful and poetic. Looking forward to seeing more such shows in this beautiful new building.

For reflection on how new media and information flood changes our views and understanding of the world around us, head to Caroll / Fletcher gallery to see the second part of Looking at one thing and thinking of something else, a group show with, a.o., Constant Dullaart, Thomson & Craighead, Michael Joaquin Grey, Mishka Henner, Manfred Mohr, and Evan Roth.

Besides Philippe Parreno‘s captivating Turbine hall commission, Tate Modern has just opened another triumphant exhibition – the retrospective of Robert Rauschenberg. Spanning 6 decades of Rauschenberg’s artistic oeuvre, it succeeds in both invigorating the artist’s huge legacy and shining new light on different aspects of his rich and exciting body of work.

Finally if you’re heading to Peckham, drop by South London Gallery to see Roman Ondak‘s evolving installation about the impossibility of an objective interpretation of history and the passing of knowledge between generations.

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