With Martin Creed’s amazing retrospective, opening in Hayward Gallery this week, we’ve finally rounded up our selection of 5 must-see shows for this month. So here are the first “art pearls” of 2014: Sensing Spaces @ RA, The Arts Catalyst’s Republic of the Moon, Darren Almond @ White Cube, photographs by Lynch, Burroughs and Warhol @ The Photographers’ Gallery and the previously mentioned Martin Creed.

Martin Creed @ Hayward Gallery | 29 Jan – 27 Apr 2014 | Photos
What’s the point of it? is Martin Creed’s first big retrospective ever, bringing together classics like Half the Air in a Given Space (room filled with 7000 air balloons, which you’re free to walk through) or the Everything is going to be alright and Don’t Worry neon signs, along with some of his latest pieces, such as the hilarious Ford Focus, coming to life every 2 minutes on the upper terrace. Kicked off with plenty of giggle and cheerful ambience (rare during press views) this Tuesday, we’re positive that this is going to be one of the most successful shows of the year. Photos are here, but Creed’s work really needs to be experienced in person – because what you see is not what you get!  Separate post (= praise) about the show coming up next.
Hayward Gallery // Press Release

Sensing Spaces: Architecture Reimagined @ RA | 25 Jan – 6 Apr 2014 | Photos
Just like Creed’s extravaganza, also Sensing Spaces is bound to trigger more than just the visual or the intellectual delights. 7 architectural practices have created 7 large-scale environments for you to explore. Whether it’s climbing up the monumental Blue Pavilion by Studio Pezo von Ellrichshausen for some unexpected perspective views, switching between the dark and light rooms created by Grafton Architects or wandering through Li Xiaodong‘s hazel branches maze, you’re in for an enjoyable and playful experience. We also recommend to check other projects of these 7 architects (more details about them, and about the RA show, in a future post).
Royal Academy of Arts // Press Release

Republic of the Moon – London @ Bargehouse (Oxo Tower Wharf) | till 2 Feb 2014
Southbank’s Bargehouse has become the temporary Embassy of the Republic of the Moon on Earth, where a group of artists/ambassadors (a.o. Tomas Saraceno, Katie PatersonWE COLONISED THE MOON, Leonid Tishkov etc.) expose their space plans, dream expeditions, visions and fantasies. Much intrigued, but unable to report our own impressions yet – we’re only heading there this weekend – we direct you towards We Make Money Not Art instead (Régine not only saw the show, but also attended the round table discussion and interviewed many of the artists). The show closes on Sunday – don’t miss it.
The Arts Catalyst // Press Release

Darren Almond @ White Cube (Bermondsey) | 22 Jan – 13 Apr 2014
The moon is also central in Darren Almond’s To Leave a Light Impression. In a series of photographs taken at Patagonia, Tasmania, Cape Verde and the Outer Hebrides, the artist uses long exposure to document landscapes lit by full moon, revealing fascinating details and creating an almost mythical aura. The monumental color prints are accompanied by small bronze sculptures and text plates, referring to the same topic from a poetic and philosophical perspective.
White Cube // Press Release

Burroughs, Lynch and Warhol @ The Photographers’ Gallery | 17 Jan – 30 Mar 2014
Three iconic Americans and their – little known – take on photography. David Lynch’s photos of factories and industrial sites and Warhol’s and Burroughs’ snapshots of scenes from everyday life give an interesting insight into their way of thinking and looking. Very popular, so if you go during the weekend, count on some queuing.
The Photographers’ Gallery // PR Lynch / PR Warhol / PR Burroughs

and a bonus tip:

Jaakko Pallasvuo @ Edel Assanti | 22 Jan – 5 Mar 2014
This young Finnish artist and his subversive commentary on classical versus digital media is definitely worth a closer inspection. Another nice and fresh discovery @ Edel Assanti.
Edel Assanti // Press Release

Last chance – exhibitions closing this weekend:
Jake & Dinos Chapman’s Come and See @ Serpentine Sackler
Jordan Wolfson’s Raspberry PoserChisenhale Gallery
Chris Steele-Perkins’ Japan Suite @ LA Noble Gallery

Martin Creed

Sensing Spaces

We Occupied The Moon

Darren Almond

William Burroughs

Jaakko Pallasvuo