It’s just a few more days till 2014, so let’s still try to catch some art treats before the end of this year. Here are our suggestions: Jake and Dinos Chapman‘s Come and See @ Serpentine Sackler, Elmgreen & Dragset‘s Tomorrow @ the nearby V&A;
Nostalgic for the Future, a fantastic group show @ Lisson; Suzanne Treister‘s drones, charts and schemes @ Annely Juda and Stephen Shore @ Sprüth Magers.

Jake & Dinos Chapman @ Serpentine Sackler | runs till 9 Feb 2014 | Photos
Jake & Dinos’ Come and See has it all: orgies, skeletons, mutants, dinosaurs, swastikas, crucified hamburgers, Ronald McDonald, Nietzche, Goya, Stephen Hawking, oil on canvas, tapestry, watercolour, woodcarving, ceramics… and to complete the motley crew: a bunch of ku-klux-klan art lovers in hippie socks and Birkenstocks. Awesomeness overload and def one of our fav shows of the year.
Serpentine Galleries // Press Release

Elmgreen & Dragset @ V&A | runs till 2 Jan 2014
Elmgreen and Dragset turned four rooms of the Victoria & Albert Museum into a fictional set of a South Kensington apartment – home to Mr. Norman Swann, an elderly architect in financial troubles. Browsing these rooms full of personal items and funny hidden details and imagining the life story of its absent inhabitant is a strangely satisfying as well as a somewhat disturbing experience. So merry trespassing and don’t forget to check the white gravestone in V&A’s courtyard on your way out.
Victoria & Albert Museum // Press Release

Nostalgic for the Future @ Lisson Gallery | runs till 11 Jan 2014
A retro-futuristic survey of British sculpture, painting and installation, featuring artists of the gallery, a.o. Ryan Gander, Julian Opie, Jonathan Monk, Haroon Mirza, Richard Wentworth or Art & Language. The exhibited works show different stages in the artists’ development, their mutual influences and inspirations and in their variety form one great entity. Our favorite is Mirza’s sub-terrain sound piece. Not to miss.
Lisson Gallery // Press Release

Suzanne Treister‘s @ Annely Juda Fine Art | runs till 22 Jan 2014
If you are fascinated by Mark Lombardi‘s Narrative Structures of alleged financial and political frauds, then you’ll surely also enjoy this show. Susan Treister uses topics and objects related to military intelligence and visualizes them as series of drawings, charts, posters etc, even a performance involving a flying drone (The Drone that Filmed the Opening of its own Exhibition). Other titles are no less intriguing: In the Name of Art (titles of exhibitions in the visual arts from 1900 till 2012), Art for Oligarchs, Stasi Wallpaper, Camouflage, CIA, or Orchis Militaris. 
Annely Juda Fine Art // Press Release

Stephen Shore @ Sprüth Magers | runs till 11 Jan 2014
Great opportunity to see a selection of older and recent series by the legendary Stephen Shore. Curated by Todd Levin and arranged by theme, Something + Nothing demonstrates the strength and the consistency in Shore’s overall body of work – from his first road trip around America in 1972 to his 2012 Ukraine series.
Sprüth Magers // Press Release

Image courtesy for Elmgreen & Dragset’s Tomorrow:
The artists and Victoria Miro / Photography by Anders Sune Berg

Image courtesy for Stephen Shore’s Something + Nothing:
The artist and Spruth Magers / Photography by Stephen White


Chapmans01 elmgreen-dragset-tomorrow-VA-designboom-08



Lisson03 Lisson04  Lisson01 Lisson02

Suzanne Treister Suzanne Treister 01 Suzanne Treister 02


Spruth-Magers-Grafton-St.-Stephen-Shore-Something+Nothing-1 Spruth-Magers-Grafton-St.-Stephen-Shore-Something+Nothing-2 Spruth-Magers-Grafton-St.-Stephen-Shore-Something+Nothing-3