Tomorrow (Sunday) is the last day of BRUTAL, a group show organized by the Lazarides gallery inside an abandoned office building at 180 The Strand. The quality of the exhibited artworks might sometimes fluctuate, but one thing is sure: their staging and the atmosphere of the decrepit underground spaces make for a striking experience. Plus the Cleon Peterson‘s mural is already alone worth the journey!

Photos from the show

After a third edition inside the Old Vic Tunnels, Lazarides has selected a new, but equally atmospheric, off-site location for his yearly group show/event. Throughout the vast surfaces of a ground and a subterranean levels of what presumably used to be offices once, 16 artists of the gallery show their new pieces. Some were created directly for this venue, such as the previously mentioned 10m long black and white mural by Cleon Peterson.

The title of the show, BRUTAL, is reflected in all the works, whether through their topic, choice of material or their execution. Apart from Peterson, we particularly liked the glass panels of Ben Woodeson, that looked vicious when imagining how they would decapitate you if they fell, but fragile and beautiful at the same time. Mark Jenkins‘ tape sculptures are always funny, surprising and worked very well in their dark corner and Todd James‘ animation was fun too. The exhibition is also extremely photogenic (our photos are a proof). It’s definitely worth checking this show out, especially if you like street art.


If you go, don’t forget to drop next door, in the temporary HQ of The Moving Museum to see their exhibition Open Heart Surgery, which is full of fresh and exciting young art. We’ll talk about it in detail in one of our next posts.

Cleon—Brutal Cleon—Brutal 01 

Jenkins—Brutal Brutal 03 

Brutal 01 Brutal 04 Brutal 02