Nicoline van Harskamp (b.1975, lives and works in Amsterdam) will be the next artist to perform @ Tate’s BMW Live Performance Room. You can watch her piece English Forecast next Thursday, September 19th, on So put on your headphones and tune in at 8pm GMT (9pm on mainland Europe, 3pm in NY,
11pm in Russia etc). Live comments are shared through

Nicoline’s performance builds on some of her previous works that investigate the future of English language: how will English sound in a few decades, how will it transform formally and grammatically? How much will it be influenced by dialects, digitalization, or through appropriation by non-native speakers? The artist studies these and other impacts to propose a probable version of this future language.

A team of actors, with different mother tongues, will perform this language, and online audiences are invited to participate by repeating what they hear. Apparently this can be quite a linguistic exercise, as it will involve using the full range of consonants and vowels of the International Phonetic Alphabet. Try your luck and see what chance you stand to have your voice heard and understood in the years to come.

About BMW Tate Live Performance Room:
BMW Tate Live is an innovative art project that focuses on curating in digital space. Commissioned performances take place at Tate Modern, but can be only viewed online: either in real time, with a possibility of direct interaction, or later on at YouTube. Previous performances featured artists Jérôme Bel, Pablo Bronstein, Emily Roysdon, Harrell Fletcher, Joan Jonas and Liu Ding and Meiro Koizumi. BMW Tate Live performances are being curated by Catherine Wood (Tate’s curator of Contemporary Art and Performance), assisted by Capucine Perrot.

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