These are our five exhibitions picks for this month: Sarah Morris and Marcius Galan @ White Cube Bermondsey (closing this weekend!), Philip Lorca di Corcia @ David Zwirner, Jane & Louise Wilson @ Paradise Row, A Journey Through London Subculture: 1980s to Now @ The Old Selfridges Hotel (ICA Off-Site event) & Adrián Villar Rojas @ the just opened Serpentine Sackler Gallery designed by Zaha Hadid.

Sarah Morris and Marcius Galan @ White Cube Bermondsey | runs till 29 Sep
Sarah Morris’ Bye, Bye Brazil is a portrait of Rio de Janeiro – transposed into glossy, abstract geometric patterns and a vibrant 90min long movie feature accompanied by soundtrack from Liam Gillick. Morris is inspired by the metropole’s rich cultural and social heritage, from the architecture of Oscar Niemeyer, landscapes of Roberto Burle Marx, Bossa Nova album covers and dynamics of Sambódromo festival to the interiors of local fruit bars. Fresh and energizing visual cocktail. Saúde!

Marcius Galan’s Geometric Progression is surprising and impressive. The artist translates complex subjects into simple but powerful metaphors, with lots of humor and impeccable presentation. Some of his pieces play with perception, others refer to structural, social and economic configurations with an allegoric wink. Three Sections
uses paint, floor wax and light filters to create a disturbing illusion of solid glass plates where, in reality, is just plain void. Erased Composition shows pencil erasers lined side by side and gradually decreasing in size from top to bottom until they end in pile of shavings. A monumental Calder-style ‘mobile’ sculpture created from suspended iron discs contradicts its own unstable nature by firmly nesting on the floor. Eclipse
shows a machine in process of grinding metal coin till it dosappears, with the grinding sound coming from unexpected source, etc.
White Cube // Press Release S. Morris // Press Release M. Galan

Philip–Lorca diCorcia @ David Zwirner | preview 24 Sep 6-8pm | runs till 16 Nov
DiCorcia‘s upcoming show at Zwirner’s London gallery presents several large scale photographs from his ongoing East of Eden series. With title referring to Steinbeck’s novel as well as the Book of Genesis, the cycle depicts the gloomy atmosphere of the past five years in the US: the end of Bush’s administration, period marked by prolonged financial crisis, disillusion and shattered ideas. People thought they could have anything. And then it just blew up in their faces. 
David Zwirner // Press Release

Jane & Louise Wilson @ Paradise Row | runs till 26 Oct
Highly corrosive show, with photographs from the artists’ Atomgrad cycle (shot in Pripyat, an abandoned, demolished town near Chernobyl), film installation Face Scripting – What Did the Building See?, inspired by the assassination of Mahmoud Al-Mabhouh and related screen prints False Positives and False Negatives, depicting the twin sisters painted in dazzle-camouflage (a technique intended to confuse security face-recognition devices).
Paradise Row // Press Release

A Journey Through London Subculture @ The Old Selfridges Hotel | runs till 20 Oct
ICA’s off-location expo, located behind Selfridges’ food hall, brings together pieces of counter culture from the London art scene since mid 80s till now. 50 vitrines filled with reasons why to love this city! 
ICA // Press Release

Adrián Villar Rojas @ Serpentine Sackler Gallery | opening 28 Sep | runs till 10 Nov
Argentinian artist Villar Rojas creates monumental, surreal clay installations that resemble fossilized ruins, prehistoric creatures and ancient monuments. His upcoming show at the Serpentine Sackler gallery, Today We Reboot The Planet,
deals with the topics of human interference with nature and its consequences. It also includes a sculpture of fossilized Kurt Cobain.
Serpentine Gallery // Press Release

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Hayward Gallery opens today a retrospective of Cuban artist Ana Mendieta and the Tates have two great shows coming up: Mira Schendel (Tate Modern) & – we look forward to this one! – Britain Art under Attack (Tate Britain).

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