Tonight at 7pm opens of the second part of Past Futures, Present, Futures at Storefront for Art and Architecture, NYC. The exhibition deals with the theme of Utopian desires – the imagination of other, better, future. And since few cities occupy artists’ imagination like New York, all the presented projects have one thing in common – they were inspired by, and intended for, the island of Manhattan.

The first part of the show, Past Futures which opened on October 6th, presents 101 unrealized proposals, dating from the city’s formation to today and including number of truly visionary proposals, such as Buckminster Fuller’s Dome Over Manhattan, Hans Hollein’s Rolls Royce Grille on Wall Street, Haus Rucker Co.’s Palmtree Island or R. Rummel’s Future New York. The second part which opens tonight shows 101 reenactments by invited artists, architects, writers and policy-makers (see the website for list of all participants) to create alternative visions for the present and future of the city.

The exhibition was curated by Eva Franch and the striking exhibition design was done by Leong Leong.

Image credits:
Dome over Manhattan via GothamistPalmtree Island via MoMA CollectionRolls Royce Grill via Hans HolleinFuture New York via Evan Chakroff, and the exhibition design photos by Naho Kubota.