Opening tonight @ The Approach gallery is Martin Westwood‘s solo show Boneus. We remember his works from last year’s Frieze Art Fair, where he was showing video and several installation/sculptures in The Approach gallery stand, that we really liked. Westwood’s recurrent theme is world of corporate culture and finance, present both within the concepts and through his use of materials. He makes collages out of brochures, spreadsheets, pie-charts, carpet tiles and paperclips or by employing stock photographs of idealized executives. During his fellowship at The British School at Rome, Westwood was researching the origins of money and currency, shifting his focus from recent past of political-economy towards a wider perspective about economy and exchange. His latest works, some of which will be shown in this exhibition, are  large-scale ceramic pieces, produced while he was a resident at the European Ceramics Work Centre (EKWC) in Holland.

The exhibition will run till May 13th, don’t miss it!

Photos by us (video stills) or courtesy of The Approach gallery