Harlan Levey Projects, our former Brussels neighbor, start their second year with yet another in a splendid line of exhibitions. This time, Harlan presents Swiss-Croatian artist Admir Jahic who has earned international acclaim for his role in the Invisible Heroes and their widely successful projects “Without You Baby There Ain’t No US,” “For Big Mistakes,” and “In God We Trust.”

For the occasion, Admir will re-create his relational installation “Don’t Love Me Too Much” as well as show his newest works “Death or Glory” and selected pieces from previous series. The installation Don’t love me too much is “an interactive piece, deeply entangled in the roots of so-called appropriation art. Ado Jahic encourages the audience to stick their stories to the wall, using subjective emotional experience and seducing it to perform both vulnerably and violently in reaction“.

To become part of the work you have to follow successive steps: 

- Think about a person you loved until it hurt.
- Write their name on a paper and post it on the wall.
- Pour yourself a glass of vodka and think about a good time (or a bad one).
- Drown the memory in drink and smash the glass into heart placed on the floor.
- Yes, you can drink to all the ones you’ve loved before. 

(excerpt from Modart 02).

The exhibition will run till March 18th. Drop by & and pour yourself some memory shots!
Happy Valentine…