In the not-to-miss category is definitely also Matthew Day Jackson’s solo at Houser & Wirth which presents major body of Jackson’s new works across both gallery spaces.

Its title, ‘Everything Leads to Another’, is explained by the artist as the absence of past in his work. “History is a part of everything. Everything leads to another. As the sum of history moves out in 360 degrees from its center – which does not exist – it envelops the present. Perhaps you could say I am interested in moments of sublime beauty which carry their counterpart, otherwise known as terror, so closely that it is difficult to delineate one from the other. This has been the guide from the beginning. In my search for the edge, I meet heroes along the way and see myself reflected in the surfaces of the things I encounter.”
The show will be closing on July 30, so hurry…

(Photo of Food Golem by MDJ, taken by Peter Mallet for Hauser & Wirth)