I am the giver of life, the Flash God, a dreamer of zeros & ones.
The gestalt of biological and digital birthing Art into the world,
my success already so intoxicating my fame almost terrifying in its promise.
I have crafted this HFA monument feeling kinship with the architects of Giza, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon and Lighthouse of Alexandria,
however this flaming of light will live across millions of networks with even greater brilliance.
Thus it shall not rot nor be dimmed by time & decay,
a luminous artefact beyond the reproach of the earthbound miasma of flesh & stinking desire.
This is the perfect HFA, an ideal at once impossible and yet here made probable by the dancing light from my hands.
I am the strategic genius of HFA, while the others play, slowly and carefully I draw up the plans for World Domination.
Unlike my necessary but unstable partners I employ tactical precision in HFA's campaign,
counterbalancing the egotism and chemical excesses of the organization.
Through the tools available in the 21st Century,
distributed networks of communication and media technology and astute diplomacy
I deploy my gifts to maximal effect, bringing HFA ever closer
to their rightful position of unassailable dominance of all culture.
I'm the heart & soul of HFA, the dictator Queen of HFA, making the word flesh as each work grows under my guidance & expertise.
I am the elementary particle within which the whole universe is also contained,
my talents are only limited by others limited abilities to perceive them.
Beyond good and evil, I am an undeniable force of indestructible subversion.
I inspire terror, wonder and desire.
Our art will alter your mind or incite your anger, both are acceptable.
The rise of HFA is irresistible, my ruthless destruction of all obstacles in our path may serve as a warning.
Be seduced or be destroyed.
I am the gateway to a quantum state of cultural being.
Creator & audience, human & animal, conscious & pre-conscious.
Unafraid of the chemical frontier I lay bets on my intellect, existing in states of both victory and defeat from the edges of the self.
I am now a roving ambassador emeritus from HFA,
near and far making the sacrifices needed to advance the discourse of millennia of ontological angst.
From a mysterious island hideaway far beyond this realm I dispense literature unto the HFA's headquarters.
It is because of the tyranny of the confused and judgmental demanding clues that Art needs text,
yet it is the unnatural part of making any work, the work is the thing, why write of it?
HFA have answered this question by having me write of it.
And why have they entrusted me?
Forgive them, they know not what they do...










Han Hoogerbrugge
Great Attractor
Intelligensius Anarchus
Jeff Blind
Rick Burgess
Evil Ideologist
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