Nick Ervinck’s GNI_RI_2014 monograph, published by MER. is a pleasure to look at and a pleasure to read. Designed by Studio Luc Derycke in collaboration with the artist, its layout quickly draws you into a fascinating story about the architecture, sculpture and video dimensions in Ervinck’s work. Once you start reading, it offers a compelling narrative about how the artist looks at the world, its past and future.

Nick Ervinck is best known for his complex yellow forms in which he pushes the limits of the sculptural practice. These works come with enigmatic names such as EGNABO, NIEBLOY, ZIEBLOY, WIEBLOYIKRAUSIM or AGRIEBORZ and are realised in diverse media. Moving image, photographic prints, lightboxes and monumental 3D-printed installations complement each other and allow the artist and viewer to explore their story from different perspectives.

“I often feel like one of the last Mohikans. Here I am with one foot in the old world, because I still make sculptures that stand on a pedestal, whereas I was actually born at just the right time to know how to use computer as a tool. This disparity can give me a sense of dispossession. For sculptor I’m too modern and for the younger generation of artists, I’m too classic”, says Nick Ervinck about his computer-generated and classically influenced aesthetics.

The book also introduces more architectural projects such as VIUNAP, CHORECHNOTS or SIUTOBS as well as sculptures that have archeology as their starting point. For the latter, Ervinck was inspired by the collection of the Gallo-Roman museum in Tongeren, Belgium. Fragments of these antique statues were digitally transformed by the artist to become part of his futuristic vision.

The layout of the book uses inventive ways to visualise various form factors of Ervinck’s work: from contact-sheet style images to illustrate his 3D animations, through full-bleed close-up imagery for sculptures to in-situ photographs for his architectural installations. Ervinck’s signature yellow color, which is used both on the chapter dividers and on the binding, will instantly catch your attention and adds a playful element. In short: we love the design and applaud the effort of an independent publisher to create and bring out a book that exhibits the same beauty and refinement as some of the heavyweights of art publishing.

GNI_RI_2014 Nick Ervinck is available from MER. Paper Kunsthalle, on Nick Ervinck’s website and through selected bookstores.


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