In the tradition of our Best of Frieze London post, here’s what caught our eye in this year’s New York edition. Altogether a very decent and grown-up affair, no follies and outrage, but also no great surprises. Star dealers and artists kept it tasteful and conservative, even the newbies bet on subtlety and skilfully–executed gradients. These galleries and artworks stood out for us amidst all the good taste:

Best stand without a stand
Marian Goodman nailed it with an installation of Dahn Vo’s work suspended from the ceiling. For the first time, collectors could see all 24 parts of the artist’s gold leaf and cardboard series together. We wonder if Goodman paid by meter square?

Best optical effect
Mark Flood’s pixelized paintings @ Stuart Shave Modern Art were very popular and looked really good on Instagram. Flood’s exhibition Available Nasdaq Symbol, currently showing at Zach Feuer‘s Chelsea gallery is probably a better representation of the artist’s narrative, but Modern Art definitely chose the right pieces to get traction with the fair public.

Best “New Aesthetic” stand
Eddie Peake’s plexiglass installation, neon spray paintings and performance @ Lorcan O’Neill were hipster approved. Peake – regarded as a rising star in the London art circles – keeps delivering fresh and exciting work with enough depth to be the champion of critics and cool kids alike.

Best art for Art Directors
The DTP appreciation foundation (if something like that existed) would certainly dig Cory Arcangel’s Photoshop gradients. One of these pixel–perfect chromogenic prints was on display at the Team Gallery. In case you didn’t manage to see it or to buy it, Cory was so nice to include the tech specs in the title: Photoshop CS: 84 by 50 inches, 300 DPI, RGB, square pixels, default gradient “Blue, Yellow, Red”, mousedown y=6450 x=14500, mouseup y=23300 x=6700; tool “Wand”, select y=23300, x=6700, tolerance=30, contiguous=off; default gradient “Blue, Yellow, Red”, mousedown y=19800 x=1600, mouseup y=22000 x=5900

Best babe magnet
Apart from Leonardo DiCaprio, the golden sculpture of Gimhongsok @ Kukje /Tina Kim must have been the biggest babe magnet on the fair. We spotted ladies going mad ‘en masse’ for this shiny phallic object. In all fairness, Jeff Koons Sacred Heart wasn’t on display…

Best art to pair with modernist architecture
Lovers of Le Corbusier and Mies van der Rohe would drool on Davide Balula’s work at Rodolphe Janssen and Galerie Frank Elbaz. The minimal colour palette, the implied symmetry and the corten steel frame will delightfully complete the serene atmosphere of their modernist villas.

Best art for Trekkies
Los Carpinteros create intriguing drawings and installations, often of architectural structures. Sean Kelly Gallery showed two works by these fantastic Cuban artists: a monumental watercolor drawing and a huge red LEGO sculpture that must have gotten a lot of likes from Star Trek and The Game of Thrones fans.

Best laid–back impact
Who expected glitter and boastfulness from Gagosian, was surprised this time.  The solo show Larry threw for his old pal Ed was just amazing. Picture an empty stand with nothing but a line of small Ruscha’s paintings on the wall. Perfect gradients, perfect typography. We all know how God would decorate his HQ now.

Best “Net Present Value” art
Elaine Cameron-Weir’s 50 cast-aluminum panels at Ramiken Crucible. You had to be pretty quick as they were selling like hot breads, but if you were lucky it was probably the best $4000 one could spend on Frieze. Plus a license to brag about having the same piece in your collection as the New Museum or Centre Pompidou.

Best furniture on a stand
Apart from art, our eyes also caught the often impressive furniture in the different gallery stands. Notable mentions go to Sadie Coles HQ for their Sarah Lucas benches and to the Stockholm–based Galleri Magnus Karlsson who brought their fluffy furs all the way to NY.

We’re in a process of gradually uploading our photos on Flickr, so please check later.


Dahn VoDahn Vo stand

Mark Flood 01 Mark FloodEddie Peake detail Eddie Peake

Cory Archangel


David Balula

Los CarpinterosGagosian Ramiken Crucible Sarah Lucas

Magnus Karlsson

Ferry to Frieze