To take a break from October’s Frieze et al. power structures, we’ve focused on young art and galleries this time. There’s a detailed list of interesting galleries to check out at the end of the post and our top 5 of this month are: Marcin Dudek @ Edel Assanti, Open Heart Surgery @ The Moving Museum, Danh Vo @ Peer,
Oscar Murillo @ South London Gallery and Sound Matters @ Stanley Picker.

Marcin Dudek @ Edel Assanti | runs till 19 Dec
Brutality meets elegance in Marcin Dudek‘s transformation of the gallery, that refers as much to his violent hooligan past as to his interest in craftsmanship, different materials and their aesthetics. And with a good shot of humor, too. Punch to the Sky loosely follows Marcin’s earlier shows Too Close for Comfort and Wild. Here are some photos from his opening performance and an interview is coming soon.
Edel Assanti // Press Release

Open Heart Surgery @ The Moving Museum | runs till 13 Dec
Second project of The Moving Museum art platform – an initiative of Aya Mousawi and Simon Sakha – Open Heart Surgery presents some of the most interesting young artists from London (see our photos) in the derelict spaces of 180 The Strand. Exciting art in an exciting environment. More info to follow.
The Moving Museum // Press Release

Danh Vo @ Peer | runs till 7 Dec
Vietnamese/Danish artist Danh Vo shows part his culturally–loaded We the People project: a full–scale copper replica of the Statue of Liberty, divided into 400 fractions and scattered around the world in museums, galleries, collections etc. A symbol of freedom becoming a symbol of sharing/collectiveness/refugee existence etc. Peer has 26 pieces on display, maybe not the most exciting ones of the lot (except for the ear shape), but imagine what they’re part of!
Peer // Press Release

Oscar Murillo @ South London Gallery | runs till 1 Dec
The 27 years’ old Murillo was probably the most discussed young artist during Frieze, his painting prices rising astronomically in less two years. But there’s little of this stardom present in If i was to draw a line, this journey started approximately 400km north of the equator, his first major solo in the UK. Junk brought from his studio, paintings on the floor that you can walk on and thus participate in the creative process, Colombian food labels, various recycled materials etc, the place is more a workshop than a gallery. If you were quick, you could have purchased one of the 99 lottery tickets (original screen prints, also on display) for £2.500 and wait your luck. And guess who was the luckiest? Oh, no….
South London Gallery // Press Release

Sound Matters: Exploring Sound Through Forms @ Stanley Picker | runs till 23 Nov
We haven’t actually seen this show ourselves yet, but it comes highly recommended by We Make Money not Art, so we’re pretty confident it’s worth the journey to those
dangerous and unexplored territories beyond zone 5. Curated by Karen Gaskill, it combines contemporary craft with sound art in works of 7 artists and 2 art collectives.
Stanley Picker Gallery // Press Release


Other young London galleries and non-profit art spaces to follow:

Carlos/Ishikawa (here’s where should’ve bought that Murillo couple of years ago)
Hannah Barry
Hillary Crisp
All Visual Arts
Southard Reid
Laura Bartlett
Waterside Contemporary
Hotel Elephant
Vilma Gold
Rivington Place
Raven Row
Peckham Space
Wilson Williams Gallery

Marcin Dudek Marcin Dudek 03 capper open heart vo 01 vo

Murillo 01


stanley picker gallery 01 stanley picker gallery