circa-dit space for visual art in Arnhem (NL) has opened 3 great solo shows last night: Thijs Linsses‘s Into the Blue on the top floor, Erik Vinkenoog, Monica Tormell & Thijs Ebbe FokkensDigging up the Rhizome on the ground floor, but the one we really “dig” is in the middle: Niels Post‘s On Spam, Comment Spam #14 – #16. Until Trendbeheer publishes detailed report with pics, here’s some info about Niels’ work:

Niels and spam go a long way – from his first projects Dear esteemed recipient
(consisting of computer generated sentences that spambots leave in the comment sections on websites to pretend that they are participating in a discussion) and
Spamlish (collection of 9 misspelled e-mail subject lines he found in his inbox), where he hand-sew the letters from MDF, painted them black and attached them on a wall – to street interventions in which he pasted vinyl-cut sentences of fake business proposals on abandoned shopping windows (we have accompanied him on his spam journey through London, photos here).

In his latest show, earlier this year in Rotterdam, he attached the hand-sawn letters on wooden frames and let them turn around in the space: matrix experience at its best and no virtual reality, just a few cut-out MDF lettershapes and a good old–fashioned motor!

So far we’ve only seen photos from the installation for this show in Arnhem, in which the spam texts closely follow the shape of the walls, but there might be more pieces – as said earlier, just check Trendbeheer later on, a detailed post is surely already on its way to the interweb.

Although we couldn’t attend the exhibition in circa-dit ourselves, we are pretty sure it’s a must–see. So if you’re close to Arnhem, don’t hesitate! It’s open every Fri, Sat & Sun from 12–5 PM, till the 17th of November (Weerdjestraat 8, 6811 JE Arnhem, NL).


See also our earlier post about Niels’ business proposals series and check coverage of the show in Arnhem on the 5uur…!!! blog.

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