Toiletpaper is a biannual magazine, founded and edited by Maurizio Cattelan and Pierpaolo Ferrari. There’s no text, only images – each of which perfectly epitomizes the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”. There’s a taste of what to expect here on the left, so knock yourself out and make sure to always have at least one magazine copy at home – for creative and psychedelic emergencies!

Toiletpaper is an extension of Cattelan’s previous publishing project Permanent Food (in collaboration with Paola Manfrin) and the amazing Charley mag (co-edited by Massimiliano Gioni and Ali Subotnick), featuring works of emerging, forgotten and otherwise significant artists. Cattelan and Ferrari describe their magazine as being

not just a selection of pictures, but also highlighting the sequence that links the various photos. Each picture springs from an idea, even a simple one, and then becomes a complex orchestration of people who build tableaux vivants. A sort of mental outburst which, through a series of mistakes and misunderstandings, arrives at the final image.


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Toiletpaper magazine is now featured on seven front windows of Palais de Tokyo.

Maurizio Cattelan launched unisex summer sweatshirt collection in collaboration with MSGM. You could buy them at Collette and through several online retailers, but the best ones are gone already. Alternatively check what’s in stock on the Toiletpaper site shop or through Le Dictateur.

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Toilet paper