CODA Museum in Appeldoorn (Holland) opens two great exhibitions this weekend. CODA BLACK presents 7 contemporary Dutch and Belgian artists in whose work black plays an important role. Our friend Silvia B. is one of them and she will show her fantastic Numéro Noir and 5 other pieces next to Witho Worms, Dirk Braeckman, Joan van BarneveldNatasja Kensmil, Folkert de Jong and Raquel Maulwurf.

Each artist also selected someone who they regard as an inspiration or a kindred spirit in art. Silvia chose the young New–York based photographer Anthony Goicolea, whose work often deals with androgyny, homosexuality, and child sexuality. Other participating artists went for more classical figures: Robert Mapplethorpe, Francisco Goya, Anton Cobijn, Gerhard Richter and Arnulf Rainer.

A parallel show, CODA Paper Art, presents installations and jewelry design from 40 international artists, amongst others Maria IkonomopoulouPeter CallesenMovana Chen, Dylan Graham and others.

CODA BLACK and CODA Paper Art run from 6 July to 27 October 2013.
Opening ceremony for both show is Sunday 7 July at 1pm.

silvia b