We love Paul Van de Hout‘s new pixel sculptures of internet symbols, icons and pin-up girls. They are carved from wood and hand-painted (no 3-D printing magic but good ol’ fashioned labour, boys and girls!), as befits their symbolic titles: 21st Century Nostalgia, 21st Century Spam, 20th Century Sediment (the pink pixelated bazooka gum), Modern Classics etc.

Paul says about his work: “The pixel (and pixelation) is a part of our visual code, and a pixelated image has two functions, one denying the viewer access to the complete image, and the other protecting them from it. Pixelated images represent parts of reality that we are either cannot see, or do not wish to see. The pixelated image itself becomes a hyperbole of reality: and in the end the pixelated icon becomes a stereotype or archetype.”


Paul van den Hout lives and works in Rotterdam. Besides installations, paintings and photography he also does musical performances with self-made instruments.

Margaretha and Christine 2013

Modern_Classic_(bleep) Rude_Sculpture_2013_2 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA 21st_Century_Nostalgia OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Slapstick 21st_Century_Spam_(Blue)