Here’s our pick of 5 great shows on display right now; many are closing this month, so make sure not to miss them: Haroon Mirza @ Lisson Gallery (52 Bell Str), Rodney Graham @ Lisson Gallery (29 Bell Str), Deutsche Borse Photography Prize 2013 @ The Photographers’ Gallery, Thomson & Craighead @ Carroll/Fletcher and Jac Leirner @ White Cube (Mason’s Yard). Scroll down for more info about each of them.

Haroon Mirza @ Lisson Gallery | runs till 29 June
Haroon Mirza’s (b.1977) work focuses on music, organized noise and instability. You can see – and hear – several of his noise-producing machines in action here, and witness a transformation of an art gallery into an immersive sound chamber.
Lisson Gallery // Press release

Rodney Graham @ Lisson Gallery | runs till 29 June
Rodney Graham’s (b.1949) large-scale photographs are often based on historical paintings with slightly changed context. The main characters (impresonated by the artist himself) are past their heydays, reaching midlife crisis and contemplating their former aspirations. The overall feeling is however not that of bitterness but rather that of an acceptance: life goes on.
Lisson Gallery // Press release

Deutsche Borse Photography Prize 2013 @ The Photographers’ Gallery | runs till 30 June
Exhibition of 4 artists shortlisted for the annual prize. Head straight to 4th floor to see Broomberg & Chanarin’s amazing project War Primer 2 (more in our previous post).
The Photographers’ Gallery // About the prize

Thomson & Craighead @ Carroll/Fletcher | runs till 7 July
Thomson & Craighead‘s Never Odd or Even is full of digital/Internet references: spam emails to be sang karaoke-style; wall of tweets; Space Invaders meet Foucault; live digital portrait of Tim Berners-Lee etc. More in an upcoming post.
Carroll/Fletcher // Press release

Jac Leirner @ White Cube runs till 6 July
Bet that after visiting Hardware Silk, Jac Leirner’s (*1961) first solo show in London, you’ll never look at rullers, curtain rings and steel cabling in the same way. The aesthetic potential of a home toolbox boosted ad infinitum.
White Cube // Press release

1+2. Haroon Mirza via Lisson Gallery
3+4. Jac Leirner (detail) via White Cube
5+6. Thomson & Craighead
7. Broomberg & Chanarin via The Photographers’ Gallery
8. Rodney Graham (detail)






Thomson & Craighead

Thomson & Craighead01

War Primer 2

Graham 01