Last chance to visit Sound Spill, a group exhibition curated by Thom O’Nions and Richard Sides for the Zabludowicz Collection and part of their ongoing project with artist Haroon Mirza. The setting of Sound Spill is quite unique: on two separate, and otherwise vacant, floors of an iconic New York skyscraper close to Times Square, with stunning views and serving as a perfect background for the artworks and the sound installations. See for yourself.

The project sets out to examine how sound inhabits an exhibition space through either existing works of artists from the Zabludowicz collection or through specially commissioned, new pieces.

The 7th floor has some great video/sound pieces from, a.o. Fischli & Weiss, Michael Bell-Smith, Cory Archangel on Oliver Payne. But the most spectacular part of the show is, in our opinion, on the33rd floor, presenting project called Volumes for Sound. Here, artists Melissa Dubbin & Aaron S Davidson were commissioned to create a set of 8 speaker sculptures, with each of these playing a new multichannel sound from a different sound artist (Ben Cain, Lesley Flanigan, Lucky Dragons, Lorenzo Senni etc.) and providing for an unforgettable experience.

The show is opened daily from 12–6pm until Saturday this week and you should rsvp in advance (for more info see the Zabludowicz website).

Not to miss!

Sound Spill

Sound Spill 01 Sound Spill 02

Sound Spill 04Sound Spill 03