While reading this interesting article about a new breed of art patrons from Silicon Valley, we discovered Bay Lights, a public artwork created for the San Francisco Bay Bridge by Leo Villareal. The “master of light” Villareal created a stunning computer-programmed show, which uses 25 000 LED lights forming various moving patterns
across the bridge. The world’s largest light sculpture first lit up on March 5th and is now running every night, from dusk till 2am, for a period of two years.

The artist said: “This was a whole I.T. job, which you wouldn’t associate with a monumental piece of public art.” We can see his point and totally get the appeal such work must have have for the Silicon Valley techies.

Even if you don’t make it to SF till 2015, you can watch the nightly live stream on a long distance. In case you live in New York, you can see another of Villareal’s latest light installations (titled Hive) at Bleecker Street subway station. And if you’re in London, Leo Villareal is one of the artists currently showing in the brilliant Light Show at Hayward Gallery.