Also opening last night was Paul Wackers’ solo show Early Romantics at New Image Art gallery, Los Angeles. Wackers was born in New Haven, Connecticut and currently lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. His paintings of still lifes and landscapes oscillate between figurative and abstract, with some influence of the 20th century avantgarde, but have their own distinct style and identity – a very seductive one, we should say.

The artist employs various paint techniques and vivid color palette to create contrasts in the painted surface and to bring forth his own interpretation of forms and space. Subject-wise he focuses on what’s “left behind, or abandoned, from various kinds of human activities: facsimiles of the natural world, vacant interiors, and clusters of accumulated objects“. We couldn’t help but think of a secret anthropological study of human artefacts… possibly commissioned by a mysterious alien race.

Have a look through the photos on the left (courtesy of the artist and New Image Art), of some of the latest paintings exhibited at Early Romantics and admit that you are intrigued! And if you can, go and see them in real – they stay on view till March 30th.

Wackers’ previous shows included his last year’s solo Wait and Watch Awhile Go By at Alice Gallery in Brussels and his 2011 show Of Life at Morgan Lehman in NYC.

Paul Wackers 01

Paul Wackers 03

Paul Wackers 04 Paul Wackers 05 Paul Wackers 02 Paul Wackers 06 Paul Wackers 08 Paul Wackers 07

Paul Wackers