One of the most spoken-of films at the moment is Jacob Kornbluth’s documentary about economics and widening income inequality in the US, which debuted couple of weeks ago at the Sundance Festival. Based on the economist Robert Reich’s book Aftershock, and a series of his lectures, Inequality for All argues that capitalism has fatally abandoned the middle classes while allowing the super-rich 1% increase their income exponentially.

“Some inequality is inevitable, even desirable. It’s what makes capitalism tick.
But at what point does it become a problem?”
Robert Reich, an economist, labour secretary under Bill Clinton and professor at Berkeley, is also the main star of the movie. According to him, the one of the main problems is the gradual loss of purchasing power of the middle classes – something that has been happening in US since late 70s, but only became really apparent when the crisis hit.

With the director’s background being comedy, rather than documentary genre, the film is apparently as funny as it is shocking. Well, we’re curious!
Inequality for All should be released to the theaters sometime this summer.

Further reading available via Guardian and the Huffington Post.

Check out also another interesting take on the topic: Chrystia Freeland’s book Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-Rich and the Fall of Everyone Else. The author’s recent lecture at the London School of Economics is now available on podcast.