Couple of weeks ago we interviewed Revital Cohen and Tuur Van Balen, duo of experimental artists/designers. The article about their practice will be published in the Elastic Minds series still this month, but here’s already a small teaser: Tuur and Revital kicked off their latest project, titled Kingyo Kingdom which documents the phenomenon of massive breeding and competitions of a particular type of goldfish (Ranchu) in Japan. The project asks questions about the status of the animal as a pure consumer object and about the concept of manipulating nature for aesthetic purposes. Stay tuned for the interview to find out more!

Kingyo Kingdom is currently on display in Southampton, as part of the art exhibition Transformism.

(via Disegno Daily)

And for the impatient ones: Régine from We Make Money Not Art interviewed Cohen Van Balen last year for our fav radio programme Artists in Laboratories.