People: take snapshots of amazing, disturbing, beautiful, kitschy, breathtaking, neutral, boring, bright or foggy… all versions welcome … sunsets in your area and share them on  That way you’ll become part of a great piece by Tobias Klein, which soon goes live @ Industry gallery Washington DC. Here’s some further info about the work:

For 40 days and nights virtual sunset will create a second and third continuous sunset, a global event derived form all collected and live collecting images blending the gallery space into a global performance. During this time, at starting with its opening on the 9th of February, there will be 3 peak moments of light intensity were shape of the projection, as well as intensity of it are at their most intense. On the 9th of February at 17:39, on the 28th of February at 18:00 and on the Equinox, the 20th of March at 19:20.

To find out more about Tobias’ art- and architecture practice, read our interview with him, part of the Elastic Minds series.

Virtual Sunset

Virtual Sunset 01

Virtual Sunset 02

Virtual Sunset-tubes