Rotterdam is the place to be this weekend, with art fairs, exhibitions and pop-up events all over the city. Highlights: Transformation at Garage Rotterdam, Paola Pivi at Witte de With, Alfredo Jaar in the Fotomuseum and J.P. Gaultier at the Kusthal.
Art Rotterdam itself is full of great galleries and artists this year. To name a few:
Wilfried Lentz showing Michael Portnoy, Carroll / Fletcher with the ab-fab Michael Joaquin Grey, Rotwand showing Luc Mattenberger and Office Baroque with work of Leigh Ledare. Plus don’t miss the stands of Torch, Meesen de Clercq, Grimm, Gabriel Rolt and Ron Mandos galleries.

At the New Art Section, drop by Nettie Horn and Base Alpha. And we hear that the Art Rotterdam Projections is great too.

At Re Rotterdam make sure that you go to the top-floor and see the spam texts of Niels Post (one of them pictured here on the left) and the Double Blinds by Jeroen Bosch.

Trendbeheer has plenty of reviews of the weekend art agenda (in Dutch) and there’s also the official website of Art Rotterdam Week with an overview of the full program.

Niels Post