At HFA we love SPAM. Not really. But we love artists that dig up dirt from the digital gutter and turn it into powerful and beautiful statements. We don’t talk just about appropriation, we mean real transformation. Niels Post’s and Adam Harvey’s SPAM works are perfect examples of this, and today we are happy to add the work of Iain Hector and Jamie Winder to this virtual list.

Garbage: English In China Junk is a short collection of Chinese spam emails, translated with Google Translate and edited in a beautiful book. The whole job was done in 12 hours in 4 coffee spots in London. Iain Hector and Jamie Winder are graphic designers, illustrators and print makers. This piece of refined graphic garbage is available through Antenne Books for 8 pounds.Garbage: English In China Junk

Garbage: English In China Junkgarbage_portfolio_4 Garbage: English In China Junk garbage_portfolio_5Garbage: English In China JunkGarbage: English In China JunkGarbage: English In China Junk


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