MA Design Products student Yuki Uebo shows video and transcript of her project Recycle Sorry (for when you need to say sorry to someone). Amusing and mischievous project, with which you engage straight away, same as with Yumi herself, btw! Yumi takes the transcript from Tiger Wood’s infamous public apology and recycles it as a confession. She then goes to several Roman Catholic churches in London and confesses Wood’s sins to the priests, as if they were her own. She records and reuses the priests’ responses and posts them on Yahoo! answers board. You can watch the video here.

The project works on different levels: as a critique on the recycling of ‘the same old rhetoric’, as a comment on the ridiculousness of the act of delivering ‘honest’ public apologies and as an absurd comedy (how else, when a priest is involved ;-). It also explores the grey area of the intellectual property rights to a public speech.

Have a look at Yumi’s website to see her other interventions, such as Anonymous Singing or Public GuitarWe look forward to seeing more from her in the future!

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yuki uebo