Another great show at Carroll / Fletcher gallery: after computer pioneer Manfred Mohr (one and zero, Nov–Dec 2012), American artist, inventor and toy designer Michael Joaquin Grey fills the space with Orange between orange and Orange, an absorbing installation of intriguing, playful (and often bright orange) models, drawings and animations related to the myths of Western science, art and spirituality. The pieces need a bit of explanation to be enjoyed fully, so take your time when visiting the gallery, it’s worth it!

Amongst the exhibited pieces are:

Morphologies (2012), a collection of televisions, cameras and radios arranged to show their technological morphology. Grey sees them as historic objects that have framed and mediated our view of the world, extending our sphere of absorbing and processing information while simultaneously limiting it;
C Drop Experiment (2012), a model of pewter funnel on a stand filled with a chunk of anthracite, referencing the Pitch Drop Experiment, that has been going on for 80 years at the University of Queensland; or the
Plain P Copier (2012), clay model of the first commercially available copier Xerox 914, which might be considered as one of the most influential inventions in information distribution, after the Guttenberg Press.

Photos of the exhibition can be seen on our Flickr.

Michael Joaquin Grey 09


Michael Joaquin Grey 06

Michael Joaquin Grey 07

Michael Joaquin Grey 08

Michael Joaquin Grey 03

Michael Joaquin Grey 01

Michael Joaquin Grey 04 Michael Joaquin Grey 02 Michael Joaquin Grey 05