Design Museum London opened new exhibition of its permanent collection yesterday. Divided into six themes, it tells stories of everyday objects that turned into iconic design pieces and contributed towards shaping contemporary lifestyle and culture. The exhibited items include furniture, product design, fashion, transport and architecture alongside a selection of prototypes, models and commissioned films.
The exhibition itself is beautifully designed by Gitta Gschwendtner, with graphics by A2/SW/HK.

The 6 themes include:

Identity & Design, with objects that define what one understands under being typically “British”, such as the red phone box and post box, motorway signage, traffic light etc. Even the hated 2012 Olympic logo made it to the selection.

Taste, covering the period of modernism in Britain, with examples of furniture, textiles, architecture etc.

Why We Collect presents one of the Design Museum’s newest acquisition, the Handlebar Table of Jasper Morrison, aside with several selected pieces of design made with found objects.

Materials & Process tells the story of the dominance of plastics in our lives in the last 75 years. The section is illustrated by numerous objects, from toys and household items, to furniture and Apple Macintosh computers.

Icons, presenting several versions of one iconic design: George Carwardine’s
Anglepoise lamp.

Fashion shows selection of garments from 1980–2000, from the collection of Lady Ritblat.

Here are our photos from the preview.

design 01

design 04

design 05

design 08

design 09

design 10

design 03

design 06

design 07

design 02