On this 63rd anniversary of the death of Eric Arthur Blair aka George Orwell, may I advise you just this once to judge a book by its cover? This new Penguin edition designed by David Pearson is a perfect thing of beauty that conveys so much about George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four even before you read the first lineIt was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.’ There really is little excuse not to click this link to Penguin books and purchase a copy (other than poverty which fair enough is a solid and growing excuse in this era of feral elites, marauding aristocrats and fundamentalist neo-liberals). For just seven pounds and ninety nine of our English pence you will have mailed to you this perfect item (though dear non UK readers outside of this Septic Isle you will be charged a postage fee sadly). This objet d’art  also has a cunning information storage and downloading function, just open the pages and you can quickly assimilate into your mind one of the greatest and most important novels in the English language, that is forever relevant. Nevermind ebooks, you want this baby in your hands, to feel the papery flesh, imbibe the forbidden words and the censored thoughts. The only dilemma one really has is does it belong on your bookshelf or displayed alongside your artworks? That and what are you going to do when the thought police come a knockin’?
Orwell 1984 Orwell