Part « experiment in generative art », part Kickstarter project, Silk is a mightily amusing and technologically impressive little website that enables visitors to draw with virtual crayons, applying effects in real time to amplify or alter their strokes. A soothing soundtrack makes the drawing experience suitably absorbing and dangerously addictive.

Beyond its sheer technical bravado, the service is set apart by a finely tuned logic that produces visually pleasing works with little effort. While you may not match the prowess of the suggested wallpapers any time soon, anybody can spend a delightful wet afternoon, such as this one, attempting to shadow the Mona Lisa in neon ink.

Certainly, we may not bundle all the resulting pieces in the warm security blanket of Art, but there is no doubt that the tools are here to create bona-fide pieces if you so wish: this is, after all, a fancy crayon.

Whether you decide to add Silk to your utility belt, or hand out your iPad to the kids while basting your Sunday roast, there is more in this project than initially meets the eye. Go have a look, and keep your hands away from our crayons…