It’s the end of an era – after twelve years White Cube gallery closes its door at Hoxton Square. But they sure exit their Shoreditch kingdom in style. The final show of Harland Miller‘s new series of paintings is dark, funny, flashy and titled The Next Life’s On Me. The artists says this is just coincidental: I didn’t know it was going to be the last show. They didn’t tell me because it was a secret and I couldn’t be trusted not to blab. What’s kind of odd is that these paintings are quite fitting though –  I think some people will think that we’ve planned it this way. (via AnOther Magazine)

Planned or not, the exhibition is definitely worth seeing, and not only for nostalgic reasons. The paintings are impressive in their scale and the materials used – in one of the series Miller combined shiny black, red and gold paint with a flow medium to make a slippery substance, creating an effect reminiscent of the marbled covers of vintage Penguin poetry books. The other series is figurative, dealing with the cult of personality by using details of lives from historical or celebrity characters. Obviously our favorite is the one referencing The Addams Family. How much for that, Jay?

The exhibition runs till December 22nd, after which the gallery location closes for good. We will sure miss its spirit here in Shoreditch… but Mayfair and Bermondsey is not that far away!

Want to know more? There’s a nice interview with the artists/writer by John-Paul Pryor in AnOther Magazine and a short film on the White Cube channel, where Harland Miller describes the origination and development of his Penguin book cover paintings.

All photos via White Cube Gallery.