Looking for an original present with a healthy dose of sarcasm? Then you might want to drop by Paradise Row. As of the 5th of December the gallery will be transformed into an unusual pop-up boutique called Erratum, selling collection of dysfunctional luxuries conceived by artist Jeremy Hutchison. Each object on display has been made with an error that removes its original function. The artist comments: “True luxury has no function. It is not something to be used or understood. It is a feeling: beyond sense, beyond logic, beyond utility. It is an ethic of perfect dysfunctionality.” 

Selecting factories across China, India, Turkey and Pakistan, Hutchison invited workers to insert an error in the items they typically produced, making each object a product of an individual agent’s design. And you won’t be just buying useless anonymous junk: all products are part of a limited edition, numbered and sealed, and authenticated with the provenance – and priced accordingly, we should add (£775 for that skateboard, man).

A somewhat expensive joke on a first glance, but we do love the concept. A perfect comment on the ever-increasing idiotic xmas shopping mania, while offering the thrill of a useless luxury purchase. Plus the objects do look classy!

Also upcoming @ Paradise Row:  Kiss Me Deadly: A Group Show of Contemporary Neo-Noir From Los Angeles. Curated by Price Latimer Agah, with artists as Allison Schulnik, Jonah Freeman & Justin Lowe, Glenn Kaino and Bobbi Woods. The gallery will be re-imagined as a film set with each work being a prop within a larger dark narrative.

Images: courtesy of the artist and Paradise Row