Amsterdam Art Weekend is a new initiative by The Capital A Foundation promoting contemporary art within the attractive (in so many ways) Dutch capital. Sounds great and a quick glance through the list of participating artists and galleries promises a real treat for art lovers. The event starts tomorrow and continues over the weekend, with full program of exhibitions, open artists’ studios, presentations and parties.
Unfortunately we’ll miss it this year, but reports will be plentiful, we hear, – both from the domestic blogosphere and from esteemed foreign correspondents ;-).

Definitely not to miss, in our humble opinion:
Atelier Van Lieshout @ Grimm Gallery
Performance by Erkka Nissinen @ Ellen de Bruijne Projects
or performance by Joris van de Moortel @ Gerhard Hofland (both are on Sat 1 Dec at 4pm, so you gotta chose…)
Ron van der Ende (with guests Bas Louter & Boris Tellegen) Ron Mandos (see our previous post)
Conrad Shawcross @ Gabriel Rolt
Erik Van Lieshout‘s video @ Annet Gelink
and the Rijksakademie studios