Wishmountain – one of many monikers of British electronic musician Matthew Herbert – has released a new album titled Tesco, crafted entirely from samples made by manipulating 8 best selling brands (a.o. coffee, toilet paper, energy drink, crisps etc) in a uk supermarket. Tracklist titles: Lucozade, Nescafe, Hovis and Kingsmill Warburton, Fruit Shoot, Dairy milk, Walkers, Andrex, Coke. The whole project apparently took just 4 days to complete, an efficiency one needs to salute!

Herbert said: “After all the questioning, controversy, head scratching, mud, straw and blood of the ONE PIG record, I felt like making some old-fashioned dance music. I ended up making this record in 4 days, a spontaneous crunch around the modern supermarket – a place of fantasy, trickery, wonder and horror.”

For more in-depth analysis see an article on Pitchfork and you can listen to the samples on Dummy.

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