Tim Noble & Sue Webster’s Nihilistic Optimistic show is pretty amazing and an excellent inauguration of Blain|Southern‘s new HQ on Hanover Square – even ‘though it has apparently costed the artists their marriage :-(. First major solo show of Noble & Webster in London since 2006, it features six large installations, assembled from found material (trash, basically), spot-lit and casting shadow silhouettes of the artists on walls.  The duo has been using the casted shadow element since a long time, but these silhouettes are definitely our favorites, detailed and life-like, but at the same time trashy, just like the objects they were constructed from. The titles reflect the mood which must have reign in the studio during their making: Self Imposed Misery, Wild Mood Swings, The Individual, Nasty Pieces of Work etc. Ouch.

Besides the “shadows”, there’s a very unstable-looking installation, aptly titled My Beautiful Mistake, consisting of objects as wheel-barrow, jumping ball, books, chairs etc. piled on top of each other and giving the impression of inevitable fall. Finally, right across the impressive gallery entrance, is a 2-piece neon installation quoting the title of the show, Nihilistic Optimistic, in Tim’s scribbled handwriting, alternately switching on and off.

(go see, or see our photos from the show on Flickr)