Today is the last chance to see Robots and Avatars – UK Selection, an exhibition showcasing projects of eight UK–based collectives of digital artists/innovators. Their inventions – in fields of robotics, virtual environments, motion capture, telepresence, architecture and body technologies – all have one common denominator: the exploration of how these new technologies relate to the human body.

Working within the fascinating intersection between art and science, the eight projects exist not only as completed pieces but can also offer great inspiration for more classically trained artists and perhaps collaborations between both parties could be mutually enriching. Just imagine what the mind and visual language of someone like Matthew Barney or Julian Opie could add ;-).

Three main projects by artists commissioned by body>data>space, the organization behind the show and one whose events are worth to follow, include: the concept documentation of Outreach by Alex Haw (atmos) with Mauritius Seeger (dr. mo), an interactive screenwork Visions of our Communal Dreams by Michael Takeo Magruder (in collaboration with Drew Baker, Erik Fleming & David Steele) and the production documentation of me and my shadow by Joseph Hyde and Phill Tew. We will try to go back to see the show today and have a chat with some of the artists as well as the organizers. If you can, do the same!

One warning though! Try not to get put off by the extremely surreal location and set up of the show, which takes place in the bureaucratic environment of the Europe House (alias the seat of EU Commission Representation in the UK). Scroll through the images on the left to see what kind of gems can one encounter when entering the building or viewing the expo. We understand the rational behind the choice, but… really?? Or is it a concept… after all wasn’t it one of the founders of the EU who said We all live under the same sky but we don’t all have the same horizon? Spot on.

The exhibition runs from 19th-28th September at the 12 Star Gallery in London after which it will tour to Slovenia and Romania.