Beachy Head on the East Sussex coast has quite a reputation: being the third most popular place for suicides, its 160m high cliffs apparently attract about three “jumpers” per month. But morbid thoughts aside, it has the most fantastic open landscape, amazing light and also the famous Belle Tout lighthouse (read about its turbulent history here), now converted into a B&B. Staying in Belle Tout is quite an experience and equally fascinating during sunny and stormy days. So if you’re looking for a unique holiday destination, you can’t get much better than this. Tempted? These photos might make your decision easier.

The lighthouse is 10 mins drive from Eastbourne and there are several country pubs serving great food within a walking distance or a short taxi drive away. You can do some great walks along the cliffs, either to Eastbourne or to the Seven Sisters. And when the wind blows west, you could easily make it even to Brighton.