Come to the launch and the accompanying show of the American Issue of the Umělec magazine, which takes place tomorrow at 6pm in London (full address below). As hinted, the issue focuses on America and contains articles, essays, comic strips, and art by wide range of authors, curators, artists and critics, incl. Tony Ozuna, Spunk Seipel, Octavian Esanu or Nick Land. Interestingly, Umělec approaches its subject without any clear-cut opinions, neither adopting nor avoiding popular viewpoints. And although the magazine does not ask what today’s America is like (in fact, its poses no questions at all), it offers intriguing and colorfully illustrated answers.

Coinciding with the launch of the magazine, its publisher – DIVUS London – will host an exhibition of work by artists featured in this issue: Juliana Borinski, Lukáš Malina, S.d.Ch, Spunk Seipel, Travess Smalley, Slava Sobotovicova, Jwan Yosef, Damon Zucconi.

Full address: Enclave 5, Resolution Way, SE8 4AL