Till 9 September, Weymouth (south coast of England) hosts the third edition of the b-side Arts Festival. This year 35 artists have made works on location with themes such as margins, boundaries, portals and departure points, using performance, film, digital and other media. Among the festival’s highlights are the new series of Niels Post‘s Business Proposals and a 12-volume book project by Paul Soulellis (featuring this beautiful typeface, developed specifically for the festival and available for free download).

Not a part the b-side Arts Festival, but definitely also of interest is Alex Hartley‘s nowhereisland, a floating sculpture in shape of (scaled) Nyskjæret island, aiming at expanding people’s view of what art can be and where it can take place: a platform to question national identity and nation status, climate change, land-grab and resource exploitation.The sculpture is accompanied by a land support vehicle that provides information about the project. It will tour along the ports and harbours of the South coast, leaving Weymouth tomorrow and heading towards Exmouth.

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