Hypothetically…. If you were part of an extraterrestrial civilization consisting of light beings, and rainbow beings, living within the galactic center, and you were trying to make contact with humanity…. How would you go about initial contact? asks Chad Stuemke on his rather fascinating website (to say at least). Stuemke’s investigations range from searching out the secrets of ancient civilizations and their hidden archeology to probing the present for answers in regards to U.F.O.’s, stargates and humanities greater potentials. And now he has analysed symbolism behind the Olympics. Sit back and enjoy!

… One possibility is you could pick a desired time & location in which billions of earthlings would be observing collectively (2012 London Olympics). With a desired time and location your civilization could beam, translate, or even download your symbolism into artists, architects, or even those folks creating the logos and mascots! But to make sure the people that are awake enough to recognize the symbolism do so, you may also wish to leave a few extra clues. For instance even choosing a company that reflects your cosmic symbolism. This brings us to, who created the rainbow aliens Wenlock & Mandeville?

The 2012 mascots originated within a marketing group entitled IRIS. Iris is of course the Rainbow Goddess. When you go to Iris’s website they seem to confirm our suspicions of an unconscious cosmic download, while revealing a few final clues! In the upper right corner of the home page there is a link for the IRIS (rainbow) PORTAL. Then when you click on the 2012 mascots page… a little blue alien with an elongated skull pops up holding a sign reading, “IRIS (rainbow) NATION!” One final clue… William Henry has pointed out in hid recent book the Secret Of Sion, Iris = Isis = Galactic Center. It appears the rainbow beings have even disclose their location, our galactic center.

Is this a symbolic disclosure??? Has contact been made???