Which artist doesn’t dream about being the centre of all media coverage? Well, Nate Hill didn’t leave it up to a chance and took action: in his latest piece ArtFagCity.Me, he customized the contents of well-known NY–based art blog Art Fag Cityincluding his name in every post that Paddy Johnson published as of July 5th, 2012 (here you can see the comparison of the two).

Nate promises to to have all new entries from AFC customized and published on AFC.Me within 48 hours – but don’t expect the two different sites to always be perfectly identical as the project is unauthorized and format changes on part of AFC can’t be predicted. So stay tuned, this promises to be a lot of fun!

Finally, Nate Hill and AFC had their ups and downs, but as the artist states on his site, this project comes in good spirit.