20 years ago, Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me was shown at the 45th Cannes Film Festival – Intervista a Kyle MacLachlan – Cannes 1992 and Intervista a David Lynch – Cannes 1992. This was 2 years after the tv-series Twin Peaks was aired, but in the Twin Peaks narrative it took us back to the last few of days before the murder of Laura Palmer.

The Lynch movie was not well received in Cannes – it didn’t get a Lion and we recall Tarantino being openly critical about it – but in retrospect, one can say it did take the spectator to a very Lynchian world that would become almost representative of the Lynch movies we know today.

What makes Twin Peaks so special? Although a certain form of nostalgia might be at the source of this post, we believe the Twin Peaks story is an unfinished jewel that merits all the attention it will probably get at this anniversary. It holds at its core a very digital essence that was, in a pre-internet decade, quite unusual. The narrative is almost written in hyper-text. Scenes are links, they give you hints what is behind, but don’t disclose the full content.

Think about the obsession for coffee, for cherry pie, for the dwarf speaking backwards… Imagine how powerful these memes could have become if they were born today? Or think of the pivotal cameos blurring the lines between fiction and cultural figures such as David Bowie, Keifer Sutherland, Chris Isaac and David Lynch himself.

While the TV show was mold breaking, the film with its stronger avant garde component “Fire Walk with Me” confused many, yet together they were hugely influential; Lost, X Files, Buffy would all follow in its wake. It also unambiguously showed that TV could inspire great writing – a trend continued by The Wire and The Sopranos.

But the strongest attraction of Twin Peaks remains the power of the unresolved mystery and the portrayal of a world recognizably ours but intersecting with another half glimpsed reality. Wouldn’t it be great to have all of the deleted scenes available in Blu-ray digitally re-mastered format? Or – even better – wouldn’t it be great to set up a Kick Starter project to raise money for finalizing this epic story and finding answers to questions we all have:

Where is FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper and Where is BOB?

Twin Peaks fans  in California can visit the CoproGallery for the 20th anniversary group art exhibition “Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me” later this month.