Today’s Art will be the Art of Living together. Recently re-released by the excellent Internet Archive, this American pamphlet from 1946 entitled The Races of Mankind focuses on the matters of racism and religious discrimination in unusually direct, clear and directive language. Science, society and history have evolved a tremendous deal since it was written, not to mention the vocabulary, and this document is now of purely historic interest. It is also infused with a good deal of propaganda and, ironically enough, the prejudices of its time. However, if we can bring ourselves to look beyond the obvious, its core message of loving one’s neighbour, and its emphasis on the worth and values of the cultures and religions of others are delightfully straightforward and timeless. The authors have managed to address difficult questions in a language everybody could understand and relate to, making it a progressive publication for a time when racial and religious prejudices were rife in a world recently torn apart by global conflict. Designers will also appreciate the strict but proper type, and typical American cartoon style of the epoch, that made this read accessible even to the less literate.