The Katowice Street Art Festival will take place from 20th till 29th of April. For 10 days, the city of Katowice in southern Poland will become the playground of  well–known street artists, such as Mark Jenkins, ROA, Hyuro, Escif, M-City and others (full list available on the festival’s website). Olek, the “Christo of street art”, is one of the most honored participants, taking in account that Katowice is her hometown. Plus there’s a personal anniversary involved as well: 2012 marks 10 years of using crochet as a medium for her art pieces.

Olek has started the initial works already more than a month ago, with tens of volunteers helping her prepare the material. Last night the piece was complete: two construction machines fully covered in Olek’s recognizable neon camouflage pattern. Her hands are destroyed but hey, she’s done it again. Respect!