Today is the last day of Daniel Jackson‘s solo Belly up @ PSM gallery in Berlin. Jackson presents an installation, which, besides looking pretty cool, has also a rather intriguing concept. Based on the utopian theories of Retro-Futurology (understanding of how the past saw the present and how the present sees the future) he has made with 3 sculptural representations of himself: as the real but alienated artist, whose peeled-off, external identity is the only remains, as the filmed real artist, in the role of his dreams and as the artist as dummy embodying one of his possible dreaded failures (detailed explanation is available on the gallery website).

The understanding of a plurality of probabilities in the science of Futurology is a main focus in Daniel Jackson’s work and was also the basis for his installation The 1000 Yard Stare (Possible Future Me), shown by PSM on Art Basel last year (one of our favorite booths).

If you can, drop by the gallery – as mentioned, today is the last day of the show & it’s definitely worth seeing.