If you remember Woodstock, then you weren’t there” the saying goes. Not so for clubbing, eating out, or doing street art in east London. DazedDigital launches “A Secret History of East London“, and hunts down collective memories of the last 15 years of London’s finest neighbourhood. Contrary to Woodstock times, you can simply upload your picture or send a tweet by using the hashtag #SecretHistory. The Great Internet Mystery will do the rest.

This initiative is a nice user–generated content spin for the May issue in which Dazed investigates if “rising rents, silicon roundabouts and a surfeit of artisinal coffee” has destroyed real creativity in the EC postal codes. “Photos, flyers, artworks, gallery openings, grime raves, street art, pirate radio, squat parties… we want it all. We asked everyone featured in the magazine to get the ball rolling, so take a look and see what’s there already, then add your own. Images and text can be added, so get that shoebox out from under the bed, blow the dust off that old hard drive and get uploading!”

Random memories on A secret History of East London:
DYSFUNCTIONAL Exhibition of Skateboard Art & Design @ Blue Note Gallery, 1995 (uploaded by William Oliver)
Gareth Pugh @ Truman Brewery, 2008 (uploaded by Kin Woo)
All You Can Eat @ Electrowerkz, 2007 (uploaded by Christopher James)