The latest edition of Elephant Magazine has featured Swiss artist Christian Vetter in their “Zurich” special. In the interview, Christian talks about the superficial perfection of his hometown Zurich, about the end of painting and how his trip to China made him change the way he thinks about his artistic practice. He’s been making black and white paintings, often with screaming words or slogans, since 2007 – first letting go of all figurative references and gradually even leaves the canvas and painting on glass and mirror. Vetter doesn’t see his own work as conceptual, “it just happens” he says. What happens is powerful and raw, punky – but without the obvious punk aesthetics – and full of direct messages from a restless artist who has no fear of going into an intellectual battle with his audience.

Christian Vetter is represented by Yvon Lambert gallery.

(photos courtesy Yvon Lambert and the artist)